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How To Get Started in a Public Relations Career

I will tell you the best strategy to get a career in public relations. But first I want to help you be a PR expert for your own self and your loved ones. Public relations is a powerful tool of some of the most wealthy individuals and institutions in the world today. How can we harness that power and use it for good in the world? Keep reading to find out, I've included some of my most important tips. As a content consumer, I've pulled from many different resources, including free video content online, resources from my local library, podcasts on infosec and opsec.  This is a culmination of years of rejecting social norms, a delayed and shortened use of social media in general. I personally never even went to school beyond a year at the age of 6. Instead I was homeschooled and learned from an early age to be information sufficient. I was raised in a "sheltered" home and even Disney movies were not allowed in our home. These ideas come from an outsiders view.  Later i

Free Will

  Free Will a poem by Joshua Coffman "Protect the children!"  Salty waves roared loudly back.  Bearded men swore epithets into the wind.  "Protect the children!" Dark vomited its perfume, God's just anger raining down on those who sinned. "Throw out the tackle!" Desperate authority penned. But they were not on the sea or in a boat. "Throw out the tackle!" They felt no heroism. Propaganda fed their soul, lines tyrants wrote. "Jump into the sea!" What?! The novel turned abrupt. Plunging men into confused and angry state. "Jump into the sea!" Surely the author amused. His words divorced from thought, only feeling hate. "Drown! ye bastard minks!" The men look'd round their dark envire. Then looked at eachother, inarticulate. "Drown! ye bastard minks!" The paper showed grease-stains now Sweaty palms. The angry man throwing a fit.