Author Unknown

Poem #225 - This poem is a view into what will happen to those who continue "in fear."

photo from Pexels by artist fei wang

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   Joshua Brown

Tomorrow I'll make a decision.

When I'm calmer

And in a state of mind of peace.

Someday soon, don't worry

When I'm wiser

I'll love a woman and have a family.

I'm just not ready yet

To build a life of joy

Instead this little light of mine I'll hide

Just a little longer yet I'll wait

To perfect be before

I try to bring a tribe to life.

I'm not sure when but sure I'll be

When the moment comes

I'll believe with all my heart it's right

I'll avoid catastrophe by being ready

Oh my God how ready I'll be

No one will be more ready than me

It's only been several years now

But I don't feel together

But when I do feel it, I'll do

You made it.

You avoided every major hurt and fear

Except one.

You wasted your life




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📅 Written July 9, 2024

📍 Written at Joshua's work along the West Toll Gate Creek


This is a reminder, to myself, that it is a choice, a decision, a purposeful act, to waste time. We don't get a do-over on life. You have to ask out the girl, start that business, have those kids, take that public speaking opportunity, call that friend, speak your truth. You don't have to, but if you don't, it's not gonna happen later. You're not going to build up the courage. Waiting for the right time is just dooming yourself to never fucking doing it.

So, stop masturbating your life away. Stop giving the devil his famous workshop. Do something. And do it big.

Hire that employee, write that piece for your favorite magazine, call that client, ask for that sale, sketch that patent design idea, throw that party. Just reach out and whatever that dream or imagination is, make the most of it because failure at your dreams is just a core memory made and you can never regret because you did it.

a Joshua Brown poem #225 "Author Unknown"

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