Resurrection Commute

Poem #222. This poem is about the great divide between children and adult autonomy.

photo from Pexels by artist Melike Benli

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   Joshua Brown

It was safe here.

Safe from harm.

Safe from danger.

Wrapped in a cage of steel.

Alone, together.

I remember that fear.

That eternal dread.

The rushing noises.

Now they were muted.

Instead of weak,

I was the one now that roared.

Subway was fresh.

Subliminal messaging.

Precious lost in time.

Demanded of to rush.

Just in case.

Opportunity obtuse.

And no discrimination

Against those serpents

Whose verbal skills wax

Against those who will

Against that reprisal

Uncertain against whispers.

In-group, in-group

All of them were in-group

Dreamed up of those

Who refused, in honor

To participate in-group

Gifting to them

Unearned goodwill

Without the Gott of All.

Injustice against the child

Exploring and adventuring

Seeking out dominion

By touching and feeling

The earth and its inhabitants

But disallowed from keys

Disallowed from cage

Disallowed from evolution

Into exoskeleton man.

Hesitate not in crossing

Hesitate and cease from hell

Angry at this evolution

Angry at abandonment

Of human vulnerability to sin

That nature of sense and sinew

Abandoned in an instant

The millenias of savage mean

Reintroduced as disempathetic

Was I really safe?

Or foolish determined

To flit about in silly tourism

Of places which before

Were just some mystical

Holy place apart, for others?

One Gott, brought down

By Jesus. Rage incense at theology

And somehow

He walked

From Bethany

To bring back from death

In some practice of holy propaganda

His friend


Who did not evolve 

From human to rolling mech

But walked again.

It was safe here.

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📅 Written May 30, 2024

📍 Written at Joshua's work along the West Toll Gate Creek


Adults have this crazy superpower of teleportation and time travel called "the car." It drives you to places that would be impossible for your physical body to reach of its own power and stamina. There's not really a morality in that, but there is a power difference. Children are not allowed to drive cars. Which also seems reasonable given that their motor skills and reaction time are not suited for the danger that a very fast 1-ton steel cage requires to operate safely.

But this makes it very easy for adults to change the landscape of how children are allowed to move and experience the world. Instead of a child exploring through city corridors and darting amongst buildings and people, senseless cars with pacified drivers mindlessly roar and curtain the city into "safe" and "not safe" areas.

Seems like an interesting socio-evolutionary phenomenon. But it makes me wonder how the stories of Jesus would have ended up sounding were they to have adopted the "science" and cultural norms that we today embrace. Obviously this is a very Christocentric worldview, but most of our society uses language and ideas that are also Christocentric in nature. And maybe that's a good thing. I'm not an anti-car evangelist by any means. Cars seem to, at least at the moment, be the evolutionary psychological winner in whatever survival scheme is taking place this century. 

But maybe the next century will be different. Who knows?

a Joshua Brown poem #222 "Resurrection Commute"

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