How to Hunt Dangerous Beasts

 Poem #221. This poem is about monsters and how to defeat them, both in the classical sense as well as the postmodern sense.

photo from Pexels by artist Jeremy Bishop

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   Joshua Brown

First of all you must be patient

For to rush in against the monster

Is to not understand him

Nor yourself.

Second of all you must be quick

The element of surprise is yours

Because you are the one who hunts

But only for a moment.

Third, you must be meditative

For though the monsters speak not

They desire to live and will seek

Some path to subvert your desires.

Fourth, be ye communicative

That enlist you may others along

Who will aid you in the hunt

Whether in solidarity or valor

Fifth, be sure to be faithful

For that deep curiosity to find

What is true and what is facade

Will protect you from some mystery

Sixth, continue in bodily cleanliness

Else the beast will discover you

By thine irreverent smell forewarn

And destroy you.

Seventh, walk daily with gentleness

Sure of thy footing but discriminate

Offend not the beast by thine obtusity

Else he rage against thee wildly 

Eighth, facing a monster requires courage

Courage to protect against erasure

Courage to defend yourself as a gift

Given to the millions that will be begot.

Ninth and with great gravity, be strong

For infinity stronger will thine enemy

Grow to become if you with timidity act

And get repelled.

Finally, love.

Quiet not, but honest in thine affinities

Ready to be seen in vulnerable flesh,

Man against monster.

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📅 Written May 16, 2024

📍 Written at Joshua's work along the West Toll Gate Creek


Yellow fever, polio, wolverines, dragons and the t-rex all were conquered by the apex predators on the planet, humans. But what does it take to hunt these dangerous beasts? A healthy dose of anger. But the Bible tells us: "be angry, and sin not" so what exactly is supposed to accompany anger that helps it follow a mean in every category?

My TT FYP sent me a video about the screw larvae fly and it reminded me of so many dangers that humans have eradicated that we don't worry about or even really contemplate in our protected borders. The tremendous rejection of superstition and the intense curiosity of our culture, the west, has protected us so incredibly. 

There are dangers we will face, both physical and psychological, that with a healthy dose of virtue, quiet thoughtfulness and intense curiosity, our people can defeat or neutralize. 

a Joshua Brown poem #221 "How to Hunt Dangerous Beasts"

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