Poem #220. This poem is an ode to a virtuous woman.

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   Joshua Brown

Lay by me

That I may feel your heart beat

Think on of that dream you had

Of glorious indefinite challenge

To be virtuous;

That others may feel your heart beat

Alive against the entropy of vanity

The silence of never doing anything

That reproduces;

That you may feel your heart beat

In the breast of a child brought life

Mysterious and beautiful together

For eternity.

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📅 Written May 15, 2024

📍 Written at Joshua's work along the West Toll Gate Creek


The Smalgyax (Tsimshian) word for "heart" is "goot" and although I write this poem as an unmarried man, I seek for both my children and the people around me (including myself someday) to find virtuous people that are selfish enough to think of the long term effect their decisions will have on others.

Being kind, being affectionate and being gentle are all the first virtues that we tend to notice in a person, mostly because they directly make us feel good. But what about courage, tact and purposefulness? Do we model these virtues in their proper means to our children and churches?

Listen for the heartbeat of another, see what they are made of and, just as importantly, (as wise discernment of others) is the leadership of being virtuous ourselves. Let your goot be encouraged.

a Joshua Brown poem #220 "Gootbeat"

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