Macro Evolution

Poem #223 - This poem is a reflection on having free-will to be honest.

photo from Pexels by artist Soubhagya Maharana

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   Joshua Brown

If you slither to and fro

Lying scat to sky you throw

See what sticks and see what stains

Lie to cheap and churlish brains

If you wick from skin that scale

Cast to earth by wriggling tail

Pray to God you don't get caught

Shedding slough, your ethics fraught

If your burnt out soul gives way

To blood that's cold by evil's play

Tempt yourself by words impure

Averted life from sky's grandeur 

Here among the shallow plains

Drowned by clouds and shallow rains

Stand on feet and choice to choose

Slit your eyes, refuse to lose.

Fight like hell, and bite back hard

Escape the fence, escape the yard.

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📅 Written May 31, 2024

📍 Written at Joshua's work along the West Toll Gate Creek


I remember growing up and hearing about evolution vs creation as told by many people but especially apologist Kent Hovind. His teaching style and the incredible verbal and technological tools that he used to demonstrate and teach were incredible to me as a young person.

One of the main concepts that he really delineated was the difference between macro and micro evolution. Macro evolution is the idea that all life shares a common ancestor while micro evolution is the idea that only certain life forms share a common ancestor.

And in my transition from being very fundamentalist to being an atheist, I found that the main part of my life I really had to change was my relationship to truth and honest articulation to the world and to myself. 

Which felt like I was becoming an entirely new being, completely unrelated to the species I was before.

a Joshua Brown poem #223 "Macro Evolution"

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