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Basil and Gonz Grow Old - Part 2 of 2

  Basil and Gonz Grow Old - Part 2 of 2 a short story by Joshua Coffman Go back to Part 1 -> here The years had separated the two friends. Gonz had become consumed with a religious fury and Basil had distracted himself with technology. But neither of them forgot the Great Meme War of 2016 or the rise of Joe Biden the Venerable, Bless His Memory and Live for His Vision. They carried those memories far into the future and both kept fighting for truth, just in their own way. --- Two police cruisers pulled up to the house under the sky tree and talked with Little Samurai for a few moments before they headed into the house to get a full report. They drove away. Little Samurai called her husband. He rode in on his electric longboard about an hour later. They combed the neighborhood for clues about where her father and his sword may have gone. Darkness set in over the Israeli neighborhood. The neighbors offered no help to the couple seeking their father. As the night grew deep, Mr Samurai

Basil and Gonz Grow Old - Part 1 of 2

    Basil and Gonz Grow Old - Part 1 of 2 a short story by Joshua Coffman Skip to Part 2 -> here   Early morning wisps of dust curtained their way over the desert, dancing with the wind in a mischievous race to the next cactus. A sun bleached white F-150 sat outside of a cute but worn, ranch-style house. The house was large, but it wasn't extravagant. On the porch, under the awning was a rocking chair and enthroned sat a majestic cat, observing the desert hautily. The kingly cat sat still but a small twitch of his tail indicated that he was still curious about his immediate neighborhood which consisted only of a few desert flowers and a beautiful windmill. No houses could be seen for miles. The house was plain, no fancy paint jobs, no elegant architectural flourishes, the only noticeable feature was a large mech suit perched in the backyard. Its shoulders, when parked, arched just over the roof and looked, to the uninitiated, like two slightly odd antennas. There was an odd wat

Epistle to the Americans

  An Epistle to the Americans A rebuke of the Baptist churches in America Hi, my name is Joshua Coffman. I am an Independent Fundamental Soulwinning Baptist. I love hot preaching and I love seeing souls saved. This letter is an open letter to all Baptist churches, not because the issue contained within ONLY applies to Baptist churches, but because I know with great detail many Baptist churches who are in need of the reproof with which I will give in the next paragraphs. The churches in Clinton MD, Syracuse NY, Abilene KS, Fairbanks AK, Long Beach CA, Longview TX and Hammond IN are specific but not the only churches I see responsible for this terrible failure to follow sound doctrine. The Baptist church is greatly decentralized. I cannot speak to what each pastor practices or believes individually, but just as the great prophets of old spoke, responsibility starts with us, not our erring brother, not our wicked politicians, not our spouses or our parents. It starts with me. And that is

Basil and Gonz Go to NASA

Basil and Gonz Go to NASA A fan-fiction novella short story by Joshua Coffman --- Here is Basil and Gonz's short clip from CCNT reviewing this story:   nlbc123 · CCNT Review of B&G Go To NASA --- Faces looked out their windows in the quiet suburban neighborhood. A loud metallic clang rang out in the early morning hours of the weekday and the coffee hadn't quite kicked in for the suburbanites. Passing by their houses was a sight that none of them would have expected. A giant robot was walking down their street. But to the average American, this was just another advertising stunt, so the grumpy early-risers returned to getting ready for the day. If they would have looked a little closer though, they would have noticed that this was no robot, instead it was a manned vehicle: a glorious mech suit, taller than most of the single story homes in the neighborhood. Basil navigated into the driveway of his best buddy, Gonz's, house. A cat jumped off of the mechanical beast of