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Fiction - Scientological Part 1

Scientological a fictional short story by Joshua Coffman Part 1 Evan stood in the darkness. It was silent. He imagined himself in a different year, a year where people rode horses to the city to get items from the town shop. He closed his eyes and heard the cars far away driving on the highway. If he didn't know what cars were, he imagined the sounds would make him think of ghosts in the woods. The night sky was covered with clouds obscuring everything but the bright aurora of the moon. No guiding stars, no mythical figures to protect over him as he walked down the railroad tracks leading out of the industrial part of town. There was no trash here. The unmarred landscape surrounding him held no white highlights in the darkness. No plastic Walmart bags caught in the trees. There were no empty Chinese takeout boxes framing the treeline along the tracks. Evan thought it was strange that there was a place untouched by the invasive touch of litter. He remembered his home, trash was all