Four Trucks and a Bus


photo from Pexels by artist Beyza Kaplan

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a poem by Joshua Brown

City bus dad thinking out loud

Sharing with homies

Beaming and proud

Happy to share all the stories inside

From years of joy

And lessons he'd plied.

Figure out life from the laughs out back

As the bus stops close

To the Hampden block.

Goodbye brother, goodbye man

We'll catch you soon

When we ride again.

#poem #poetry #kindness #generosity #positive #sharing #nostalgic #optimistic #humanity #publictransport #peoplewatching


Thanks for reading "Four Trucks and a Bus" which was written in south Aurora on January 6, 2023 on the RTD 153 bus route near Chambers and Hampden. Check out my last poem as well "The Joculator" which is a wacky reflection on religion and social ostracism. Also I recently wrote a blog length short story entitled "Let's Visit Heaven."

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