The Joculator


photo from Pexels by artist Magda Ehlers

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a poem by Joshua Brown

Lemon pepper in my boot!

Jumping jalapeños goddammit shoot!

I saw a cat fly through the air

A feline plane at which I stare

What is going on inside

This wacky world of Connie and Fyde?

The criminals run this crazy place

That elephant has a giraffe face!

Oof! I fell upon a cord

Of ten feet tall and called it "Lord"

"Hello Lord, I have a question

Why is that building in the ocean?"

The cord looked down upon my eyes

He smiled with plastic wrinkles wise

"Oh silly goose," he chided me

"That building has a knickered knee!"

A knickered knee? Oh but how?!

Now I just thought up: "Holy Cow!"

"This world is strange with oddities!"

(But I did not know about the trees!)

The forest sits upon the top 

Of purple-pinkish-reddish slop

An oozing mess of glossy lake

On which the sleeping birches wake

They are tall as all but Timbuktu

Their branches grew and grew and grew

Into the sky beyond the clouds

The trees were huge! They heard my shouts!

"Oh my God!" They bent down quick

And from the crowd, just me did pick

And wagged their branches in my face

"Shut up lil man! Shushie! Disgrace!"

Then quick as a wink, they returned

To tallish matters and unconcerned

With my gawking, astonished eyes

With my mediocre, smallish size.

The cord went on for several miles

Around and through, on top of piles

Of ruined cakes and candy canes

A broken world with marble rains

A flash flood here of turkey gravy

A thunder there of gonging lazy...

I woke from dreamlike, tired state.

"To work I'll go I mustn't be late."

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Thanks for reading "The Joculator" which was written in Colorado, United States in North America on December 16, 2022. Also keep reading by checking out my last poem: "Nah Bro" which is contemplative of the climate change media and hypocrisy of certain people.

Comment below if you've ever had a weird dream! I love hearing people's dreams, it tells me so much about their unconscious. What kind of characters did you witness in the dream?


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