Nah Bro


photo from Pexels by artist Ron Lach

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a poem by Joshua Brown

How annoyed I can be

Against the racing cars

That threaten my life 

With pollution and missiles

Fuck these wild animals

In their steel cages

With their pacifier cigs

In their alternate climate

"Die stupid teenager

Riding your bike along

Playing pickup basketball

In the world apocalypse"

I lost my will to live

For a brief moment

When my progenitors

Taped a car to my account

Do I care about climate change?

Nah bro, fuck that shit

Those people don't believe

Look at their behaviors.

I believe in me

And my experiences

And the danger 

That I have executed upon me

Hate. Hate. Hate.

This two faced world

That strangles the children

And feigns deep respect

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Thanks for reading "Nah Bro" which was written on December 18, 2022. You can also check out my last poem: "Josh's Regret" which is a reflection on being a bastard. 

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