Where's Mom and Dad?


photo from Pexels by artist Ilya Perelude

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an original poem by Joshua Brown

Until I saw that bright light flash back

Towards our car, blinding momentarily

The two of us, driver and passenger

And behind us, our children unaware

Of the impending connection involuntarily

With infinity emptiness, a dark loss

Not of romantic love and affection,

But raw resources and power of tradition.

And my brain goes black.

A stretch of expansive collateral, atom

Upon atom murky jostling along the road

Prayers misted out from rosaries by Elect

But ineffectual at pausing the flinch

Ticks scuttle like cockroaches betrayed

By the light of a spring sunrise suddenly

Disclosed by the dark thunder clouds

Bugs everywhere but nowhere in time

Tocks pause.

Frame by frame, we switch seats, her and I

And distraction I become to driver

Inches turn to centimeters and centipedes

Suddenly cover everything, everything

Seats, dashboard, steering wheel, floor mat

A writhing demon-fest of legged monsters

Undisturbed by times' dilation 

I cannot scream.

And I realize that I am not there

And this dreamlike state is reality.

No waking from this nightmare

I have caused.

For gleeking is but an excuse

Of masculine exercise against 

The aberration of automobilization.

Are you okay?

My calm dispensation of character

Betrays not my violent anger against it

That which now unmolested walks away


Though these, my novel characters,

Drown deeper into the silent dark ocean

Of bubbling oil, absorbed into that which

Erases their divinity into a useful energy

For unknown long-futuristic empires.

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Thanks for reading "Where's Mom and Dad?" which was written somewhere between Aurora and Denver on April 18, 2023. I recommend checking out my previous poem as well "A Letter to My Child" which is, an honest admission to the failures and weaknesses I have made and to this day continue to make as an absent biological father to my daughter. They deserve to know the truth.

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