Vain Repetitions

This poem explores free will and superstition within myself and the IFB church I attended recently.


photo from Pexels by artist Julia Filirovska

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   Joshua Brown

There was some terrifying truth

To the fact that his phone went off



And maybe I had an opportunity to run

Run away from this night terror

Whose tentacles reached out for my mind

A will so strong against my self and eye

Tsunami wave incoming and breath shallow

Where once I was free to act in truth

Truth and connection brought to bear

Lost by the GPS, the military lasers guide

Here, a tick away from some historic memory

I had been here but not in deja vu

Dreams criss-crossed by melting star gravity

Because everything else was just space

Where they hid from us and told not

Their own, instead ferreting away information

As if their own humans were in consternation

Ready to self-destruct without resilience.

It was that phone he held in his hand

Unaware of even the most ambiguous tell

Could point to some agnostic waking will

And instead subvert by covetous means

For that desire to connect and find help

For that desire to appear both good and well

For that desire to surrender ego and try

Nay bring to reality some modeling for her

And not modeling only but some first principle

With which to see and navigate matrimony

God Himself dared not instigate against them

For they would know and angrily repent

Against Him.

Thus in freedom He maintained in historic

Paper and ink passed down in protection

By both facade and mechanistic cults

Act I

Brave indeed they were but lossless not

To conquer world by the secret cabal of truth

Instead of keeping, they just left her alone

Ready to perish, and by publicity, to solicit

Sympathy, external to the cult machinations

Demanding, forever, resources from innocents

Who entered not into sexual temptation of lust

But instead observed and followed after virtue

Act II

Silenced, by their own adherence to power

The desire to bring and usher in God's Will

Ignorant of the outside world, wise as it was

But still holding onto that device of truthfulness

Waiting, patiently seeking after the love of men

To see upon their enchanted spells cast forth

Into the sea of infinite regressions into waves

But speaking in this time toward a man saved


The wall spoke to me, while sniveling cha-chings

Rang across the silent cohort of women adorned

In their fragrant feminine trousseau befit the day

In which they might behold their fated Groom

A real voice among the ghosted men who cry

As if they had no choice and in silent bitterness

Shout about bitterness in some hypocritical spurt

Living here among the free as if freedom feigned

Act IV

They were all but actors, playing in this dance

Holding hands and waking not for day's plod

The toil to enrich beyond that singular dream

From some quarente, both of those generations

Purported in name only of that wicked smile

Ruinous of the children who cried out at him

Leon, gruff as he was by choice to condemn

A man, whose name concerns them all sinful

Act V

And yet, muted I stood, plundering the future

Taking away from my own children's inheritance

And frustrating their efforts to be themselves

By snatching from their hands that opportunity

And not I only, but the multitude sat murmuring

Here under this vaulted roof, a monument wild

Dreamt up by some vicious monsters that willed

When the women willed not, for to survive war

Act VI

But in that quiet hill of magistrates remembered

There rose a sound of trumpets still angered

Against the wickedness of faceless lack of care

Eternal damnation to the pits of forgotten chaff



And though these chains of slavehood grind away

Alive we are and spurned by reprobate lords we LOVE!

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📅 Written February 18, 2024

📍 Written in Northglenn, Colorado at NBC on Washington St


I still very much relate to the identity and superstitions of the IFB or Independent Fundamental Baptist churches. They teach free will generally, they emphasize both universal preferable behavior and aesthetically preferable behavior although they sometimes conflate the two. And although I sincerely no longer would use the word "believe" as a way that I describe my understanding of God or Gott, it would be my pleasure and honor to teach my children the wonderful things that Christians have built and fought for, from freedom of religion to abolition.

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