I Think You Should Join ISIS

This poem is about a strange encounter I had with a unsolicited contact from Telegram.


photo from Pexels by artist Kaique Rocha

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   Joshua Brown

She was vaguely unreadable in that moment of haste

Where she tried to read into the dreams I had of God

In some state where there was a powerful hail of ice

Ice is here among us scoping out the weak and illed

Weak against the strength which they wielded wild

For temptation is but an example of that powerful

Card you hold in your hand against others with which

You are too susceptible to be of any use against

And when I fought back, with my own anger at them

For their contemptuous use of my own history

And the deranged suspicions they raised aloft 

For to bear against me some license to compare

With the gods of the three letters, who fought

Back against the algorithms by treating streams

Of data, those bits and flashes, hot against wire

Flooding into homes across the identifiable hill

Where the home of God resided in the plains

That rushed up against the craggy fingers tall

Protecting against that stupid fucking tribalism

Where we say "we are" and "they are" instead

And from the emotional tribulations brought here

By the troonish dreams of suicidal men hiding

In the carcasses of AI drawn caricatures dolled

As if there was some dystopian testosterone gift

Drifting down along that Sand Creek towards

The mouth that gaped and gasped for more

Lives cast into that murderous hell called Denver

Where the river ran clean into the oil-stocrats

We didn't care anyways because we were awake

And the dreams we had last night protected us

From the insidious insertion into anus forced

By those who threw shit at the wall in jest

Watching and observing to see that opportune

To gather souls in the grand march to death

Where some might still imagine that God sees

And judges from afar as if He was all-knowing

But that is just a waking car, auto-mobilized

To drive to the edge the children of deceit

Whose existence is but a transaction to commence

For these who see slavery as a slight of hand

Again, I knew and beheld in some curiosity

Of the machinations of some Satanic dregs

Whose desires cast from one gun to another

Asking, nay begging, for me to commit fraud

Against those who somehow survived and

Brought me here, alive, to speak in truth

Against the wiles of darkness that grasp

For more, more, more in a vagary of love.

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📅 Written February 17, 2024

📍 Written in Aurora, Colorado at his home on the banks of Sand Creek


I had a strange contact from someone who at first appeared to me as an attractive Telegram girl, who then tried to recruit me to the FBI and then tried to recruit me to ISIS! What a trip of a conversation! Just the anger I have against people who don't understand or attempt any curiosity about Christianity, agnosticism, or similar western traditions, is off of the charts. 

Sometimes I humor these strange communication requests just out of a curiosity in how these scams work, this one didn't really educate me on anything, but hey, I'll take a poem inspiration as a win for western chauvinism.

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