This poem is about Stefan Molyneux and his wise vision for peaceful parenting, freedom and the future.


photo from Pexels by artist Helena Lopes

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   Joshua Brown

Beauty reigns as a philosopher king trains

To tell his shirtless soul to the men willed

Into the world by generations of badass ilk

Whose dreams break fallow state of mind

Moral condemnation is not an argument

At least that's what the sophists will say

In deep dreaded fear of that bare skin lore

But instead of God's wrath being excused,

The spurious hypocrites that tell excuses

For God and man's contemptuous actions

Find themselves overwritten by true love

In a virtuous rout planned a millennia prior

Rage guided through patient familial birth

Flame eyes seeking out the death of state

Though the orange man bad derangement

Those weaponized for flag against excuse

Could I suck that hairy nipple of philosophy

And myself nourish in the dreams of truth

Then I too might bare my chest in argument

Against the works of shallow miserable prey

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📅 Written January 4, 2024

📍 Written in Aurora, Colorado along the West Toll Gate Creek


NOT AN ARGUMENT, but it is an incredibly heartfelt and meaningful poem about so many things that I have imagined, considered, learned, and found in the Freedomain community. Freedom is truly the main thing and the domain is free! But really it is a lot of fun, interesting, engaging and challenging to be there, so please consider joining us!

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