The Girl Looked Back

This poem is about a man, dehumanization, guilt and isolation.



photo from Pexels by artist Anna Urlapova

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   Joshua Brown

Ding dong

Which witch rang the door bell?

Freaking out

Listening closely to the breathing.

I dare not

Peek through the peep hole

Would you?

Can't they see a shadow pass?


That was her name and she had

A nice butt

But it was not very R-selected

I looked

But just for a second in curiosity

Come on

It's not like I was into witchcraft

God saw

Stupid voyeur god that peeked

Daring me

To reveal my own ill contempt


By the actions that went against

My words

And she noticed, oh she noticed

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📅 Written December 17, 2023

📍 Written in Centennial, Colorado


I learned to flirt from my mother, which has turned out to be a terrible way for me, as a man, to flirt. But I won't say that it was bad for me, I've survived this long! I know many men who committed suicide or ended up in jail or prison over a woman.

As I move forward in my life and practice healthy masculinity, I still will continue to look back at the feminine approach I took to dating and expressing desire with a fond appreciation for what it saved me from and what it brought me to.

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