The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

 This poem is a reflection on a therapy called "Internal Family Systems" and a commitment to success against abusers.

photo from Pexels by artist Edmond Dantes

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Joshua Brown

Here resolved to not succumb

To the infinite consumption

Of one voice against the realm

A quiet silence of acquiesance

But rather we insist that he hear

And be heard but not exclude

And brave we will be to live

As free as we possibly can be

Dreams we have we will cant 

Never backing down from me

Our hearts will fill with warmth

To strengthen again that child

Why not be brave when facing

The world full of them that live?

For the dead are already gone

And why not let them die alone?

That inspirational quote belies

Below the surface billowing

The fires of aliveness insisting

On deep appreciation of self

Joy to the world, we see Him

That voice bequieted before

Now sits as a reverenced crown

And ceremoniously wills will.

Truth is just a dreamlike state

Of meant and accident joined.

Tremolo choirs in unity singing

That chorus writ by thinker

Those words spoken in dark

Whispered among the kind

Will one day firmly plant roots

Deep into fabric of reality

But back not down from self

For that appeasement of ill

Alas will contaminate health

Stop. Commit. Retreat. Think.

Be inspired by those who wile

And survived beyond infinity

The curious that have breathed

Their meek lives into power

Among the powerful.

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📅 Written August 23, 2023

📍 Written in Aurora, Colorado


Thanks for reading. This poem is a reflection on a system I learned about several years ago called "Internal Family Systems" and there is some interesting correlations I've noticed between demonology, inner dialogue, suicidality and this system.

Drawing out the details might take away from the art of the poem, but I really resonate with the ideas of the system, but also broadly the idea of true democratic action, not just politically, but internally and intrapersonally as well. The ability to navigate that imperative while not succumbing to self-erasure is, in my opinion, one of the greatest tools we have to improve our individual lives and by proxy, the world.

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