Handprint on the Wall

 This poem is a reflection on nuclear war, white supremacy and absurdism's relationship to religion.

photo from Pexels by artist Emre Can Acer

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an original poem by Joshua Brown

Test. Test. Beheld by the West.

Unsure of themselves in display.

But gut they held and dramatized.

An internalized sense of shame.

And it just gets more absurd

As I watch that internalized pain

Men and women and shmen run

The West into a schizo fairyland.

Cough. Cough. These imaginative

Creations of humanity borne well

Into the simulation built on food.

A portal of reality gaped by will.

Ew. That's gross. As if humble,

Pretenses made by those who

Crafted the intense desire maso

In the child who now wears crown

Is there some distinction made of

Pleasuring self and God Himself?

Is not God Himself just self-pleasure

In this absurd world of procreation?

And is not the imperative to sanitize

Just part of the self pleasure of lies

To children as if they will not find

That brokenness and sin is sin itself?

Pray for me, seek self pleasure in

My existence nearby and around you

Else I should find no self pleasure

In your existence around myself.

Can I just fucking abstract it out

Into some religious verbiage mystery?

Why do I feel compulsion to unveil

That holiness of the sexual imperative?

Boom. The rockets explode overhead

Smashed by my own creative design

To protect the ideas and words used

In pursuit of this soul archeology dig.

Shielded against that immune rage,

Sweet beulah against domestic terr.

But suddenly I see that laser dot

Turned against my own sin pleasure.

For time horizons stretch in space

And how could i know that inverse

Would cause me to regret that fun

Established for a lifetime, but not


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

How could I fucking short my stocks?

How could I raze my own civilization?

Bring down that merry band of old

And play a jig or two while I dance.

Then she struck a match and cast it

Into the pit prepared as a kingdom

With jovial patriotic measures set

To defend all of us from annihilation 

And bright that match flashed fast

So that even our shadows stayed

And our annihilation was writ

On the walls of that king's abode

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πŸ“… Written August 21, 2023

πŸ“ Written in Aurora, Colorado near the West Toll Gate Creek


Thanks for reading. A mixture of ideas around white supremacy, absurdism and nuclear war all make their way into my poem. It's a beautiful cacophony of wild nature combing in a comforting yet frightening drama.

I really hope you check out some of my other poems, they are just as powerful.

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