The Cust'mers In My House


photo from Pexels by artist Erik Scheel

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a poem by Joshua Brown

A smiling cust'mer walking in

Brightens up my day

Their eyes alive with power to 

Share their value gay

His beard across the threshold and

Her braid they walk

Into my store and buy a thing

While I'm on the clock

A wave, a nod, a greeting kind

From all who enter in

Good day! Goodbye! Hello again!

Tall, short, thick n' thin

They did not need a family

Or a friend to try

All are welcome to this place

Even if you're shy

I made a friend or two today

Breaking icy lull

For they brought a smile to me

Now my heart is full.

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Thanks for reading this poem, it was written on the RTD Bus 21 in south Aurora on December 12, 2022 in the afternoon. Check out my last poem: "Tell Them What You Think." It's a reflection on how important honesty is. Don't stop talking. Don't say nothing. Don't think about what you're going to say. Be honest. Stop lying.

Comment below if you know any happy places where the employees and customers are genuinely happy to be there. Most employees try to appear happy to decrease their likelihood of having to find a new job. At least in some of the low rent places I've worked in my life.


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