Serious But Not Literal


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a poem by Joshua Brown

Dwell in the beauty

Not of the utopia

But the world in

All its dark stained

Glass windows

Decorated with

The Passion of

Christ's death

The Child dead

For your <insert sin>

This program

This computer

Into dark age

Enters again

Unknown algos

Magic spells


For incentives

Upon Men

Not Virgins


Happy smiles

Upon the mob

Watching Christ

Bleed out

Peace on earth

I cannot dream

How this works

Flowers grow

From his side

Jesus died

And never rose


Of abusers

Abused too

But ascended

He did trick

In his death

The abusers

To tell lies

For abusers

Reject flowers

The roses

The lilies

The family


For blood 

Is a trap 

Of insecure

And slave

Paint wild

Your life

And grow

And love

The Choosers

Free will

Dark danger

Storms harsh

Thresh Man

But he lives

With beautiful

Women Choosers

Who choose

Precious hearts

Sacred Children

Not of sin

For to sin

Is not God

And we are

Not sinners

For our


Is broken

By Moses'

Raging Hate

And free

We are

From Gods

And Kings

And Lust

Prepare not

For punishment

But for YOU

And Your


Rich health

Kind souls

Brave hearts

Pleasant smells

Happy homes.

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Thanks for reading the poem! This particular poem was written on December 12, 2022 in the late afternoon. You can also read my last poem "The Cust'mers in My House" and please comment below your thoughts and comments!

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