Roleplay Christ

This poem is a reflection on absurdism, religion, speaking in tongues and how languages evolve.

photo from Pexels by artist Suzy Hazelwood

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Joshua Brown

Here resolved to not succumb

To the infinite consumption

Of one voice against the realm

A quiet silence of acquiesance

Those definitions writ by men

Contorted into banana reviled

Space men flying through dirt

As if ideas differed from media

And the ethereal self of media

Konked bright soft deputy sin

Vestured in polygamy dripped

Matches these clouded ideas

But are we happier and pleased

To filter golfed tophats in oils

Burnt by the sun's pint from of

To be tongued or upbraided?

Wild that realization to think

Breaded sup encounters zoo

A clitoral registery of agenda

And meditate on that praise

Some thought of indifference

Furching thrifted baptiles hu

Gretanacious billped orwas 

That those who are happy win

Whether incomprehensibility

Reaches horticultural poems

Or theranac therapies nudge

Or meaning threads thru time

Hello to nihilism of nihilism

Euphoristic pirouettes dance

Epistimolic ignitions on God

Dereligious religiousity rises.

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📅 Written August 29, 2023

📍 Written in Aurora, Colorado near the West Toll Gate Creek


Thanks for reading. When I wrote this poem I was contemplating all the different connections between absurdism, Christianity, Pentecostals specifically their imperative to speak in tongues and the ideas of how words and broader languages come to have import.

Absurdism is related to Christianity in that you can be an absurdist and claim to be a Christian.

You don't have to believe in Christ to claim that you do and if claiming that you believe in Christ when you don't actually, there is a sense of absurdism in refusing to face certain objective evidences and instead only viewing or approaching the world with an external sense of meaning relative to say objective naturalism or uniformitarianism.

And there is a strange similarity to the ideas of speaking in tongues and how languages develop word by word. The initial utterance may have no meaning at the first use, but given enough context and use, that word just becomes, a word.

Now I'm not a philosopher, nor a theologian, nor a Pentecostal. So maybe I got all of those premises wrong. As a layman, I seek to understand these ideas as a common person, at least of a Christian lineage, would.

If I am uneducated on one of these matters, comment below, please, we would all do well to present other's opinions in a more clear and relatable way!

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