Prose - Creche Set Collectionism


photo from Pexels by artist Burkay Canatar

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a piece by Joshua Brown


A watery grave for amphibious monsters who sought to kill my father. The masters who sought help from the slaves for their prescient creche set collectionism but did not seek guidance from their own gods.

Trust not the gods of the "Christians", for their gods be the men most corrupt who sought to perceive the power of the Christ child but only saw the Christ. The mantle adorned upon the tabernacle veiling the truth from those unholy who would take the golden items unto their unholy lusts and leave the camp for a different God.

Hear the call, from Judean priest.

Hear the cry, from Nazarene infant.

Hear the bells, from Greek merchant.

Hear the coo, from Egyptian mother.

Hear the prayer, from Persian prophet.

These be thy gods, oh America:

David, the adulterer.

Paul, the murderer.

Peter, the blasphemer.

Moses, the accuser.

Daniel, the seer.

Listen not to these thy gods as if they are God, but observe. Meditate. Consider their ways, lest thou also be tempted. For the sins of the superstitious who fear their God will be counted unto their eternal glory only as they themselves are truthful unto their own corruption. 




Look upon them for they have not hidden their ends. Their superstitions have gained unto them naught but eternal damnation.

Instead, look upon the Child. A Virgin's firstborn, lying in a manger.


Not divinity incarnate.

But original human.

And see the power, not of mammalian instinct, but the spark of heavenly communion, broken and shared among the living. A flame of Child, flaring into the firmament, consuming all before it and giving light to the people of the Door.


Thanks for reading my prose piece entitled "Creche Set Collectionism" which was written in Aurora, Colorado on January 4, 2023. You can check out my last poem entitled "Impotent Cuckold" but also I tried some new things and I've published a prayer entitled "Prayer of True Doorship" which I also recommend you read.

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