Impotent Cuckold


photo from Pexels by artist Christian Diokno

(just to be really clear, the model in the photo is not a cuckold, nor is he affiliated with me or my works but I personally think a figure of a clown is a great metaphor for a cuckold.)

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a poem by Joshua Brown

Patterned acoustics

Sharing noise through

The courtyard heuristics

Inciting an American coup.

Dripping ballistics

Quietly subtle

A mixed bag of tricks

Political huddle.

Charge for the gate!

Helpless disarmed

Responding to hate

Not a Door harmed.

Prison time baby!

Inciting retreat

Delousing and "Pay me."

January 6 Meet.

#poem #poetry #historical #politics #propaganda #deception #deceit #fogofwar


Thanks for reading "Impotent Cuckold" which was written on January 4, 2023. Also read my last published poem! It is titled "A Free Will State" and is a contemplation on determinism and freedom. If you enjoy it, I highly recommend sharing my content, it really helps feed the algorithms.

Comment below your thoughts on the current political field. My view of the 2023 political landscape is pretty black-pilled. Economic politics is uncertain to me but I personally think the economic future is really bright, I'm just not sure everyone is ready for the coming wave of prosperity and automation that is about to come around the corner due to technology, engineering and yes, bitcoin.


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