I Am A Bird


photo from Pexels by artist Plato Terentev

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a poem by Joshua Brown

A birdy floats above the asphalt

It's feet bloody from the stretch

Unable to feel the heat wicked

Society just a empty parking lot

Caw caw, the bird calls screech

Hop hop, to the fake lawnfare 

Torn grasses by the fire blade

Impotent tree covering deadly

Artificial world by artificial men

Disconnected from reality yet

Connected to survival by tribe

Lazy car world choking spouse

Wit and will to survive by gut

Lazy river flowing to the seas

Too many propagandists win

Against the fire of masculine

Ecosystem of one veiled many

Disturbing the angelic poised

Against the lonely robin

A mirrored reality Against Me

Adaption to the asphalt world

The flitting bird looks through

The window back at me thinks

What a sad man to live indoors

He thinks I am a fucking robin


But happy I am to flit so free

And dwell content with family

Robed in ugly garb he sits still

With fake lights illuminating ill 

While here I prance till sunset

In a jungle gym built by g'ment

Undulating in the upside down

Vibrations dark and deep pound

Rebirth against the virgins keep

A mockingbird will fall asleep

Waking in a human body tear

Grounded by light, flightmare 

How did thus I happen to fly

My pterodactyl ancestor died

Abandoning me to sit and stare

At cellphone screens and chairs

While mighty acts were done by

The choice to consummate sly

Birth of a child.

Holy, wholly.

Stolen by insecurity and infidelity.

Tricks cast by witches against weak.

Be not weak, ye bastard king.

Take from the world what ye will.

Cast your lots with women brave.

Exit the asphalt flightless cave.

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Thanks for reading "I Am A Bird" which was written in Centennial, Colorado, United States, North America on January 26 of 2023. You should also check out my last poem "Pontius Pilate's Porsche" which imagines Jesus' death as a metaphor for modern vehicle lazy culture.

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