Pontius Pilate's Porsche


photo from Pexels by artist Rodrigo Teixeira

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a poem by Joshua Brown

A car-centric religion.

Oof to the oil oozing out of ouija

A exhaustingly boring sermon

Spent with the fiat of green

Value for emptiness by God

A uniform donned as human

Wretched brake pedal disabled

On this crash course of victim

Run the meter, taxi-man

As we drive to Golgotha

A reflection on the Child's murder

Inside-out religion

The King rode in once

His feet in dirty sandals

Burning vinegar, holy blood, unholy oil.

#poem #poetry #waroncars #jesuswalks #religion #history #freeverse


Thanks for reading "Pontius Pilate's Porsche" which was written in Aurora, Colorado at the New Testament Christian Church in January of 2023. You can also read my last poem entitled "The Epiphanes Letter" which is about religious themes and how they perpetuate. 

Connect with me, I'd love to hear your comments. What are the pragmatic stances we should consider taking in a world that is entirely car-centric? Would Jesus drive a car? I'm curious your thoughts and personal situations and how you operate in this anti-natal world of asphalt jungles.


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