Garden of Man

This poem reflects on the story of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.


photo from Pexels by artist Wendy van Zyl

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   Joshua Brown

Toodledo and proud to too

And in the back of yard a zoo

Tinkle toes and oozy doze

When Spideman jumped and frozone froze

In between the mean of life

Where principed thought collides with strife

Pregnant hoes with britches wove

Into the depths of hell they dove

And men said no and no said they

The Admic felt no choice to play

The game she went on in a tick

To have no secks with men of ick

Absurd into the telltale skib

Where shit flush down in weird adlib

Creepy at the thought of death

To her impreg with AI meth

Waking hours, scratching skin

Her addict to pain of sin

Pain of loss and broken shard

Magic man with magic card

Flash a mirror back at me

See the forest, see the tree

Loveless by design of choice

Instead betrayed by my own voice

Loser, coward, stay down flat

Sinner, hitter, lazy, fat

Precocious telltale names relay

By coward of my choice to say

Travel into Nederland

Else by bow to wicked band:

Receive excuse so offered free;

Or take responsibility.

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📅 Written February 21, 2024

📍 Written in Aurora, Colorado in his home along Sand Creek


What did it really mean for Adam to take of the fruit that Eve gave him? Was there some contemporary equivalent of a situation that men and women find themselves in that can give us guidance on trying to find our way forward as human beings or more specifically, me and her: if it came down to it, which woman might I find acceptable to take of the fruit and continue some aspect of me and her evolutionarily?

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