All the Cars are Gone

This poem articulates the strange dichotomy between politics and personal choice.


photo from Pexels by artist Pixabay

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   Joshua Brown

Today I pushed the limit

And I almost got in trouble

In the most of mild manners

By the jokes I chose to tell

And the fierceness of rejection

That I felt inside my bosom

For injustice of the warriors

In their battle clothes arrayed

With their flags above them waving

As they cursed towards protectors

Of the ways we chose to curtail

All the death and loss of children

And that thunder loudly bellowed

As a piece of me that smoldered

Ready quick to rise into a 

Full on fucking bonfire

Raze against the minions

The trolls beneath the towers

Whose greedy hands they gather

All the souls that yearn to birth

Children, children, children

Lost to indoor hollows

In this battle that is taring

Through the world at mach speed fist

Eyes are spinning moistened

At the loss of me

The me who wandered

So far from feelings buried

To protect the evil doers

And participate in madness.

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📅 Written February 19, 2024

📍 Written in Aurora, Colorado in his home along Sand Creek


What is best for ____? And if the answer comes out as anything but the children that I brought into this world, external to their will, I know that I am barking up the wrong tree. Qui bono works both ways. It works as a reverse time reference but it also works looking forward as a decision making tool.

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