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an original poem by Joshua Brown

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I experienced this strange ecliptic 

And off of that experience my life

Was based on warfare bloody illed 

Against those who mirrored, strife.

Frustrated by that silent stare abyss

Could none relate to a man in hell?

Whose desire to God was just told

By his invisibility to the woman pale

Untouched by desire and sun's rays

Divorced from reality and true will

Not in some lossy form static grief

But that pure adaptive femme thrill

Life unbound by violent force trod

Instead identity of those who allow

Whether through sexual access gift

Or camaraderie of his families' bough

Press me, bitch, try me by Artexerxes

His lustful gaze at earth bemoans you

A heated call to those in tune on God

Withhold not, that dreadful balls blue

And beauty to survive that fatherless

By crooked will and internal feigning

Thank you, Ma, for that deceitful hell

Rained down by cuckoldry dripping

That man, paying dearly for his sins

Humiliation beyond skinned divinity

But gifted some reprieve from cage

Erected by my stepdads own pretty

I'm sorry, Dad. For to see that grail

Burned against your flesh cauterized

As if by choice you joined that band

Of unholy murderers of peaceful wise

Lick that clit, forced by time slitted

Into approval of that unspoken blood

By her who made impossible clause

In contract of church and holy God

Ah, but none could speak of that sin

For to speak of sin would kill him

An impossible moral conflagration

Fanned in flames of religious whim

But story we will never hear of they

Whom and who to accomplice pain

Against that child, a progeny of fist,

Into that doorway built of oily rain.

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📅 Written August 14, 2023

📍Written in Aurora, Colorado, United States, North America


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Thanks for reading this deeply personal poem. I really hope to resonate with others with my poetry and help provide insight and powerful change to how people act in the world, hopefully, of course, for the better.

Although their are relationships mentioned in the poem, they are not necessarily meant as personal relationships but broader categories of even my own identities. 

Also I would encourage you to check out my last poem "Replaceable" which is my contemplations on the infiltration of Christianity into the depths of true wickedness, specifically into the life and aura of the patriarch Abraham. I think it's a powerful poem and you will find it challenging to say the least.

Please consider donating and hey, btw, if you didn't notice, I made a video of this poem here.