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an original poem by Joshua Brown

Consecrated to that boysfeld prev 

If only for the benefit of purity

As if I were some object of desire

By those unfit for even acquaint.

A slurry ranquishes that feeling

Of unease bubbling from betrayal

By hopeless tribal survivors lost

To that maladaptation to trunk.

A holy catholic family set in stone

Without that need for egg by her

Who serves their needs and wants

In pick-me silence of female use.

I know not their bravery of hell

Wrave beyond the piss bowl

Grafted to botched depravity

Instead gifted to eternal void

Fucking Abraham that Unknown.

Who is he? Who cares? Move on.

In voluptuous impregnation

Of that Mom who survived void.

Amared and truffling into matters

Bespoke for that bastard of none

Rather imagineers of the shadow

Grasp wispy fingered out of dark

Those men of renown unknown

To the annals of historic will

Infestuated with repreaching 

Those names as though heroes

And no heroes they were and

The ears that hear will know fir

That evergreen choice to hate

The permanent records deceit

Recant not but embrace more

Tumul is their tuous life's pry

Perverse against that perversion

Egg fertilized by man's impress

Some romanticized ideacious 

Programmed by that high circle

Of some violent council gruer 

Who stamped out that child

As if dead people could speak

Beyond the choices made in heat

To obey not the still small voice

And yet imagine some eternalness

And though this mortal hellscape

Of berothed lurchity golemland

Surrenders to him who Sara chose

It is in spite of him to cast him 

Down at the last for insertion

And some fucking Allah that was

Who then denied the Theotokos

Some miserable cunt from Sheol

Rage. Rage. Rage. That trinity

Vomited upon this flat earth 

By those who seized not power

But eternality by usurpation

An upbrasion against the choosers

That brought to being this draft

Undulate. Undulate. Undulate.

Undulate. Undulate. Undulate.

Undulate. Undulate. Undulate.

#poem #poetry #selfknowledge #history #childhood #parenting #freewill #evil #sin #religion #superstition



📍Written in Aurora, Colorado, United States, North America

📅 Written on August 11, 2023

✏️ This poem is a reflection on the story of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar and Ishmael and the relationship between their infinite reach through evolution by procreation and their meaningless moral reach by choice to disconsider their "procreative" actions' consequences. There are themes on secret societies and the human organisms' immersion in time.

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