Child Sacrifice


photo from Pexels by artist Kony Xyzx

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a poem by Joshua Brown

Kamikaze razors

Falling from the sky

Raining from sharded clouds

Bleeding from the heavens weeping

Into the hearts of man

Burrowing deeply from dimensions

Towards the atomic collision

A Higgs Boson fundamentalism

Political slicers

Handled by the wind

Handed to humanity fisted

By the veil, through the veil lost

Is there no justice?!

Screams of rage from tiny men

Adorning this planet as a spectacle

Lmfao, look at this itty bitty man!

Hurl, hurl quickly

Into the city made by hands

Before they react, we must attack

As the sun rises, so too will our dream

Naked march we

Into the halls of power

Holding, nay clutching a pearl

To our chest and tearfully plodding

We are the horde

We are the barbarians

We are at the gate, suicidal

Ready to rape and pillage for love

Is not this ours?!

Our inheritance from father?!

Can you see not our likeness

Etched from the stars downward

Pray to God

Ye heathen sodomites

Ye bastard spankers

That His mercy be upon your wells

For deep into you

Into your fortress mighty

Will the blades slice cords forged

By the fire of a thousand white men.

Men who rage

Rage against their kings

Rage against their gods decree

Rage into the wilderness of sin

Sin not

Go not without

The guardian of the Child

The star of Bethlehem betray.

I'm bleeding out

Into the small intestine

Blood and feces and gastric

And tiny shards of steel from Antares.

Into the East

Ride I for more

Conquering and to conquer

And the walls were I unaware of

The cameras 

The lights drained out

My very color in shame

The audience clapped in unison

My handler

My friend in reality

The bleeding kamikaze

Warrior wise, walked away

I am not 

In sin for I am not 

In reality, this organism

This free will dare to murder.

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Thanks for reading "Child Sacrifice." I wrote it here in Aurora, CO on December 2, 2022. Check out my last poem "Grinch" which is an exploration of both the personal responsibility to overcome depression and anxiety and our social responsibilities to respond to others social behaviors. I highly recommend reading it!

Comment below if you ever knew a soldier. I'd love to hear your horror stories about what war and violence have done to people. I personally have seen tremendous destruction of personality by people that have joined the military at a very early age and then struggle for decades with identity issues.


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