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a poem by Joshua Brown

The grinch sat among them

His cowardly face hidden

In a perpetual disapproval

For he saw not the world

But the eternal mirror inward

And he saw his own treason

To his own soul and influence

Casting down his weapons 

And fleeing from his protectors

Into the armaments of spies

And the joy of the parishioners

Was lost beyond him and they

Cared not that he had abandoned

His own care for life but danced

Mirthiliy ignoring broken hearts

And Christmas was their sweet

Cathartic charity that left essence

Unrequired beyond that jovial 

Time to care for the self absconded

Child that scowled in wilderness

Cheer, cheer, ye stupid old cunt 

For today is of the evergreen 

And WE are happy, so too ye 

Should be among the selfish

Selfish. selFiSH. S3LF15h. 

And the birth of abuses came

For the word was but a slur

To the old grinch who hated

His own child for the pain brought

By the preservational betrayal

And the grinch cried out loud

You fucking selfish pricks

You love the child inside you

But the child inside me dies

A little more everyday I live

For I am a man of unclean lips

Speaking judgements upon

The innocent child who 

Desires to dance with you

But flies. Flies from mirth.

Flies. Not in angry tones broad.

Flies. Not in drunken stupor.

Flies. Not in schizo superstitions.

Flies. Not in flirty painted lust.

Flies. In the silence of betrayal.

And erased the words just

Now spoken on screen or page.

Burned up the memory

For the grinch is forgotten.

Because no one listened.

His soul, he cast down to hell

To betray not only him

But his own seed he abused

And abused. And abused.

Though he himself knew

The pain and agony erect

By the abuse and oft neglect

Of the innocent child divine

A victimless spanking crime

Of erasure.

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Thanks for checking out "Grinch!" I wrote it while riding the bus in Aurora, CO on my way to do some Christmas shopping on December 1, 2022. You can check out my last poem "Womb of Steel" which is a reflection on cars and their interplay with our humanity. 

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