C - Lark's Song

 This poem explores the temptation to take power. 

photo from Pexels by artist Zekai Zhu

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   Joshua Brown

Pitch perfect into delicious chamber of echoes

Whose broad escapades into twilight timbers

Travelled beyond me into eternal vibrations

Praising me for speaking them into reality.

Ponder now that willow wisping back at God

Telling Him the mystery of prayers, fragrant

For none hears that willow wisp beyond ears

For none hear that willow's wisp beyond ears

Shivers up and down my spine in awe of voice

Mirrored back into some blank creative world

Which both I and us are given pow'r to form

Into Heav'n or Hell and choice to wield words

Hallelujah to the makers of men who endured

Beyond cruel that existence that forged gene

Thrust into that chorus of species birthed

Glorious anarchy until the anarchs reigned

Bipedal mammals absolved of guilt by will

Will into the world their own progenitors

Some sopranos of territorial preservation

Disguised as altos who's, Melody enthralls.

Praise to Him who reigns above in Heaven

Propped and provisioned for every whim

In some State of Euphoria, a Utopia of Sin,

Built by those who ATE NOT in that mind war

Caleb, himself desirous of that inheritance,

Sang among the children of Kohath in bass

Deep booming calls to Hell to free prisoners

Across the veil of time to free fucking Lazarus

I wasn't brave enough to write that staff in ink

Tepid that heart of water quaked in conscience

Brass trumpets heralding some arrival of man

A child born to her that fellowshipped in asin.

Clapping out in joy, fleeing from shallow praise

Angry among the brothers of Joseph, preying

Chanting now that tenor coloring that coat

In blood of animals slain in sacrifice for reeee

God was walking among men, betrayed by them

For his adherence to power, his addiction fed

Succumbing to his own infidelity to truth

Jackals cry, javelins fly, Jacqueline, wise, sighs.

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📅 Written April 17, 2024

📍 Written along the West Toll Gate Creek in Aurora, Colorado


Thanks for reading this poem. I remember many years ago listening to a sermon preached by Pastor Jack Hyles of the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. It was basically entitled "Pray for Power" and centered around the premise that the people of God should be the ones who wield power in society. This lingered for several years as a major part of my identity and I even got the fancy foil printed into the cover of my Bible with that saying.

And this is where Spiderman's uncle got it wrong, great power doesn't come with great responsibility, great power comes with little responsibility and there is a large part of society that will preach and teach you to take power so that they can defang you and your will, they see that you are an abusive asshole and instead of fighting you, they laud on you greater and greater power, filling you with a sense of importance that you can only burn out your conscience by entertaining.

And I only say this because I have had my own temptations and burned my own conscience by grabbing onto that power which I fucking wanted.

a Joshua Brown poem #218 "C - Lark's Song"

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