Act II - A Trip to Planned Parenthood

 This poem explores what it means to be masculine, to love and to lead. 

photo from Pexels by artist Kampus Production

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   Joshua Brown

Trundle beds pulled out but he did not

Well she fucking said to do it 

How was I supposed to know she 

Changed her mind 

Caught you


Welp not really my idea

But she was ready for immortalization

In time by creation

Without pair bonding

One hail mary attempt 

To use that maternal pine

To escape all danger

Sired by thine own acts

Time after time

Gong rings out.

Preach to her oh man

And defer not

Sire thine own inheritance

Or else become stained

With the inaction

Of action

To rip open thine flesh

As some cesarean 

From head to toe

And return thine innards

Those organs holy

To the sun's brutal flagellations

That they may experience

Some semblance

Of life

Which thou refusedst to give to them

By duplication into eternity.

Who fucking cares?

Either preach to her and save her

Bring her in that ark 

Built by thine own hands

With the children of thy loins

Or preach to her and lose her

As her that turned to salt

But either way, preach.

Well and did you preach

Antecedent to the arrival of Gott

And even before love divorced free

Words who corrupted and poems

Instead of paternal instinct

Roamed free to

Deus the Stepfather dispaired

And brought to not by deception

Shallow lie of connection

Pretended to protect

Destined instead to danger

And eyes blind to survive.

Congratulations, Son!

You have graduated into Real

And give no place to Satan

Whose fatherhood is fake

And one more step invites

Towards that precarious hell

Of complete annihilation

And be emprised instead 

In collusion with virtuous truth

To protect

And defend

In safety. 

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📅 Written April 3, 2024

📍 Written in Brighton, Colorado at the Adams County Fairgrounds


Lying to yourself, while a moderately useful strategy as a kid in unsafe environments, is incredibly dangerous as an adult. Don't do it. Break that habit cold turkey. And if you don't feel safe telling the truth to the people in your life, look, in the interest of your own safety, please consider moving you and your family into safer circles where you can be real about the dangers you see and are unwilling to risk your family with.

Every second spent hedging your bets is another second severing the ties of your heart from those your heart is primed to protect. 

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