Betrayal Inception

 Who betrayed who? You won but at what cost? Live by the sword, die by the sword. 

photo from Pexels by artist Nugroho Wahyu

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   Joshua Brown

LOL im so fucking cruel



some imagination taught

by repetition

to flush away

my own human impulse

to NEEEED fucking



lie to her about me

and the life I live



no more fucking

no more horny


to hand power away


its all just a fever

some disease

scratchy throat

cruel against her

that exists alone

as a human


Crushing silence

infertile by act

choking sterile

tinsel life

lol im so happy



hate her

snivel dance


just can't finish .2

because infidel

i find myself

against evolution

hand on penis

jerking off


lol im so cruel

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📅 Written March 30, 2024

📍 Written in Aurora, Colorado in his home along Sand Creek


Masturbation and pornography have been a pretty significant factor in my life for many years. You could probably already tell from a lot of the other poetry I've written before. There is a passage in Job that christians often refer to about Job making a covenant with his eyes to not look on a maid, there's also the ten commandments about lusting after your neighbor's wife, and then there is Jesus talking about adultery and the heart, these have played a significant role in shaping the language I use around this particular topic. 

Obviously, words are incredibly important and moving forward I will continue to evaluate the words that I use around sexuality and marriage. Understanding my strengths or weaknesses as a sexed man is part of the mission that I am plodding onward to accomplish. If we made it this far as a species, I can't imagine any reason why personally I couldn't overcome some of the paralyzing spells cast by those who wish for me to be inert and impotent.

I've been betrayed deeply by those very close to me and even in some ways I have "betrayed myself." How that betrayal pierces into my language regarding women in general is part of this master series on self-pleasuring and the cuckoldry of porn. 

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