Apocalypse Now!


photo from Pexels by artist Diego Agudelo

a poem by Joshua Brown

Apocalypse, 'pocalypse, 'pocalypse now!

Hearing the shrieks from jungle, the crowd

Wild, unfettered, relentless the tribes

People who fear the great God in the sky.

He is a judge! It's a sin! Don't do that!

Heinous commands from a pulpit of fat.

Demon possession and nothing see here!

Spanking and yelling and mother's fake fear

Fear, not of men, and of what they can do

But betrayal by mom when I stand for the truth

Betrayal by pastor, priest and king, heroes

Who talk about talk about talk about virtues

Flee from the tempt of the power and fate

For fate is the State and allowance is hate

Hate of the child and the realness of you

Hate of the kind, gentle, powerful True

If you would run and if you would hide

Run to the child who bled and who died

For you are a victim but not of the world

A victim of slanderous words that were hurled

To protect you from death, alas they conspired

To birth you in lies from the bullets that fired

But True you must be to the child inside

For True to you was the Child that died.

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Hey, thanks for checking out "Apocalypse Now!" a poem inspired by the infamous movie by the same name. I grew up as a "military brat" or the child of a service member and the further I get from that scene, the more I can see the incredible psyops that were placed on not only me, but my entire family.

You can also read my last poem: "These Who Walk" which is a poem where I spend some time thinking about the public transport system and its dark side. Although I am not a huge fan of automobile culture, there is something a bit dysfunctional about all the other forms of transportation available in the United States. Maybe you think differently though! I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Let me know down below, or hit me up via email, on Facebook, Twitter, Minds or Telegram!

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