These Who Walk


photo from Pexels by artist Stanislav Kondratiev

a poem by Joshua Brown

Built to drive the broken masses

Bus around their helpless asses

Stupid drivers make a pittance

Loser guards allowing sit-ins.

Fateful epic sights 'round town

Out a window mirrored clown.

Pray for guidance from this mess,

Drugs and demons full of stress.

No more money, no more men

No more happy childlike frens

Only danger, only broken folks

People lost in sarcastic jokes.

Surreal to see the putzing NPCs

Mill about in the chilly breeze

A child alive to them is killing

Prodding, poking all glass ceilings

Free me from this strong addiction.

Show not grim prophet prediction:

For I am not one of these who walk.

I am alive, I am alive, my tongue talks.

Awake from dream, the demons

Their laugh jars. My wake begins

Hello to oft laughed at pain inside

Goodbye mammalian tribal pride.

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Thanks for reading "These Who Walk" it was written here in Aurora, CO while riding the Union Station train on November 27 in the year of our Lord 2022. I'm happy with how it turned out and I would love to hear what you got out of it. Let me know down below! Of course, if you prefer you can comment on Facebook, Telegram, Minds or tag me on Twitter. I'd also love to see some dramatic readings on places like YouTube, Rumble, BitChute or Odyssey! That would be cool.

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