Wet Four Frogs

 a poem by Joshua Brown

Once in the pond
        a little frog jumpy
Seeing a meal
        tasty and lumpy

Licking his lips
        he hollered in glee
"This insect I see
        is now in tummy.

A friend hopped in
        to join with the guy
Together in fun
        they ate every fly

Across the way
        two frogs looked on
They started to hop
        at the crack of dawn

They hopped and hopped
        in hurried step
To the other side
        good pacing kept.

But when they arrived
        to their dismay
The frogs were gone
        they did not stay.

The bugs were gone
        and the two were starved
Late to the party
        the night had started

They looked at eachother
        and started to smile
What silly frogs
        To hop a silly mile.

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