Victims of Cain

 a poem by Joshua Brown

Finding grace in truth alone

I know not the truth.

I determine just to think and feel

The clearest me to be.


Alone in crowds of people here

Enveloped underwhelm

This world a crying infant screams

For parents to alleve


Give me bread I just demand

I'm hungry for the watts

A silence now returns to me

A build of island thoughts


You have within the secret truth

Of childlike intuit

But I have not for I have sold

My soul for bowl of beans


Listen not to siren's song

Or grasp for straws of fame

But little voice of God alone

In quiet counsel gained.


The God within a little child

Can right bring justice true

But cannot overcome the stain

Of violence deep within


In many steps a soul can trek

To heaven's pearly gates

The walls are tall and beautiful

But cannot let all in


Instead the door is close at hand

I know not how to say

But try and try and then give up

To silly games instead.


It could be true the angels voice

Great preachers in the past

The prophets call on you from then

To live as child and die




A priest can only talk to God

He lives a symbol grave

To build a world of justice

For the victims of Cain.



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