To Fuck a King

 a poem by Joshua Brown

Temptation to the war of wills by power on the throne

Is devilish and brings to each a lustful sensual moan

But in the world of modern eunuchs, incels and  the 'gram

There is no teeth to spread its evolutionary span


Instead the depth of shallow grasp at license to abuse

Is less connected to the loins of youthful choice to muse

Fucking kings is just a game with pills to prevent birth

Laugh at their attempt to blast their seed into the earth


We cannot just escape the grasp of will to reproduce

But tools we have to break the clench of calm conniving Zeus

A king is just a peasant with a golden robe awash

As peasants live like Gods by bold embracing daily cross.


Among us kings are living in our houses and our towns

But they are victims of the power we place upon their crown

Corrupted by the childish taste of no attempt to mate

Or pass along the gift of life through reproductive sat'e


To fuck a king is not enough though thoroughly a hoot

A woman's role to bear a child through pure and glaring youth

Must through the pain of sinful years of childless remorse

ALARM ALARM ALARM the girls and warn them of the course


It was the men that built the throne for king to sit upon

And men must trip the foolish grape that seizes powers wand

Choices, choices all of us in sovereign state of mind

Must or musn't fuck the king by leaving him behind.



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