Tiny Bison

Tiny Bison

by Joshua Coffman

Inside my tiny ghetto,

There lives my tiny bison.

His tiny little backpack

Has tiny little gang signs.

He got a tiny idea

From a tiny little gangster

To leave the dirty ghetto

Without a clue.

He ran into a problem

Within himself, a problem.

My tiny little bison,

He acted like a pigeon.

Wild problems cursed,

Street smart could not hold.

Tiny little bison had

A boldness yet to grow.

My little ghetto bison

Could pistol whip a G.

His tiny little thinking,

Held captive, coming free.

One day my little bison

Despised his little problem,

Decided then to change it

And help other tiny bison.

So if you’re like my bison,

Friendless and alone:

Decide to unleash your wild side.

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