The Man In Black

The Man In Black

by Joshua Coffman

A man in black, stepping onto the stage,

A clip of silence, the crowd in cage,

Entrapped by the suspense the man did lack.

Stepping onto the stage, a man in black.

The far back viewers could not tell,

Whether the man was in Heaven or Hell.

The ones in the front, as beef on the skewers,

Could not tell the far back viewers.

He sat upon the night-black bench.

A man up front then felt some drench

That sweated through his forehead’s hat.

Upon the night-black bench he sat.

The Man In Black

by Joshua Coffman

A note broke in through deadly silence.

A note they always call: “Sir Defiance.”

Up high, the man, he held his chin.

Through deadly silence, a note broke in.

The noise did flow, they say, from him,

It echoed softly ‘cross the rebuilt gym

Snared in the music that his did show

They say, from him the noise did flow.

The end it came with sudden shift.

It was, they said, a wonderful gift,

With soul and mind to play the game.

With sudden shift, the end it came. 

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