a poem by Joshua Brown

Stately king upon the throne

Soldiers paid in solid gold

Bigger business needs the law

Eye for eye the sacred law


Double spend and double down

Citadel with methed out clown

Crazy propaganda fools

Mooning shitcoins wild and cool


We want a king! We want a king!

Anarchy with empty sting

Smiling Orwell-speaking Queen

Broken Princess, Broken Crown.


Torch held high by dead bodies

Dead children

You, yes you, not Father bitchy

You the child of mother witchy


Bitcoin cannot save a knave

Brain allured to evolutions cave

Terrorism in the place called home

"PEDOPHILE" on granite tome.


Angels, demons, flying free

God in code on bended knee

Bows to US in soft composure

Bow to code or bow to Those.


Crying niggers, crying soul

Allow! Allow! Tears roll

A violent petty tyrant lord



Angry at the grainsack mind

Thrown at the table feelings grind

Shred their existence, their home, their land

Rise together with a refreshing band.


Allow! Allow! Prison break NOW

You want a cage for humans proud?

Take up the mothers and fathers who fucked

And brought to life children whose life they made suck


Bitcoin will save us from surety debt

But shitcoins will save us from shivering stench

Buying us freedom by buying off liars

Trolls laughing and prancing round fires.


Economy doubling in size and in scope

Paper allowance erasing in smoke

Fragrant the rising of code mitigation

Flat Earth reaching towards the Space Station


Choking. Nay. Grimacing fiercely.

Delicate sweets I chew solemnly

Naked, my shriveled dick betrays

Value of my patterned play.


Slobber from my mouth escapes

Sugary goo from Golden cake.

Around me marching skirted Ma's.

Soldiers with blinders greenback jaws.


Recipes read. Recipes follow.

Under the sheets, her cum I swallow

Thoughtfully making myself erased

Sliced skin they call disgraced.


Superstitious broken weak

Alone, betrayed, angry freak

Allow. Allow. A human will.

Sweets melting on the windowsill.



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