Surrounded by Saints


photo from Pexels by artist Vitalina

a poem by Joshua Brown

Plod. Plod.

To the sod. Sod.

In between the trees.

I catch sight of God.

Hey. Hey.

Though we pray. Pray.

In the frost tipped grass

Drowsy rabbits play.

Dance. Dance.

Firm your stance. Stance.

On this flat plane earth

A red centaur prance.

Light. Light.

What a sight! Sight!

As the sun rises westward

In celestial flight.

Why? Why

Do we cry? Cry?

Hugged by evolutionaries 

From heav'n on high.


Thank you so much for reading "Surrounded by Saints." It was written in Aurora, Colorado on November 13, 2022. My most recent poem was "In the Yard by the Sniper Nest."

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