Revenge Against God for the Crime of Being

 a poem by Joshua Brown

Eternal falling, flames reach out

Wailing sirens, screams and shouts

Grasping for a wetted sponge

Vinegar drinks from wigged judge.


Flip the switch, the lights turn on

Actors drop the mask they donned

"Cut" the crew pretends its o'er

But here I stand in flames galore


Born into a desperate race

Violent, shifty, garbled face

Learn to live in peaceful world

While those around pretend to never have seen a thing.


Out from the studio warehouse room

Along the way I snatch a stolen gun

Stolen from a brown man's dead hands

Ready to kill the brown man and


I am a brown man with dead brown mans gun

Did that poor brown man have an orphaned son?

My mind flits fast t'wards killing myself

By hook or by crook, by cops or by stealth.


In journeys to Boston and Cleveland I burn up the tills

Losing my breath by climbing up hills

A Paper tries stopping, I ink with my dick

Beating the blood from a well with a stick.


"You told me you're God." of course I felt sin

The burning inside proved how worthless you've been

The warehouse is burning, I smile with peace

A small little child stumbles out with police



I stared at the ones who held him in demonic embrace

My eyes set on fire, I demanded "Repay!"

They took off their mask and surprise, it was they.


The ones who gave birth to a small little boy

Who wanted a father, and mother and joy

I looked at my hands, now covered with ash

The flames were now close to the gasoline stash


Burn it the fuck down! The fuckers deserve hell

But two little girl voices kept smiling still

Tell them the truth, or tell them the fraud:

Revenge Against Self, or Revenge Against God.



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