Remember God

 a poem by Joshua Brown

Do not strain to fight with fools
The empty heads of violent ghouls
Who only try to lie and whisper
Hate among us, look and whimper

See the pain of children striving
Head above water they are treading
They see your struggle and they mock
For they bear more pain than you and walk

You told me I was gone astray
To sin I wandered from God away
Yet you never lived in heav'n
You dwelt with demons and strange wom'n.

Fuck your pharisaic prose and rules
And skirts worn down to modest jewels
You protected violent men sadistic
While regimenting me in Bible ritualistic

Is God a cope or is He still alive
Cause you act like He doesn't see inside
The home you broke and choked and hit
A rapist in your midst you piece of shit.

Monster in my mind a wicked snake,
Pissing on the corpse, but he was fake
Living in the shadows of my imagination
Skiing in with snow fatigues to your elation.

The power you seized was your downfall,
A worm in your mouth, your engine stall,
But you had smashed the warning light
Before being "parenting" and taking flight

I was the best most obedient child
Acting like a dog with every wild
Command you came forth, every challenge
It was my life in danger, despite the cringe

Dehumanization I felt such contempt
I hated the feeling but had to exempt
Resentment and bitterness festered inside
Fuck all your fake ass hypocritical chides

If you believed God you would have regret
For the child from whose father you kept
Selfish ineptitude was just your childlike fate
But protecting monsters was the last gate

You exited but onto the powerful stage
You left real life to pretend as you aged
That the world would never know how it is
Beyond the stage a world of lonely piss.

Addicted to porn at the age of ten and yet
You bought a boat, a house and cigarettes.
You were bought; blood money from the State
Paid to leave your adopted child and hate.

But here I am in full regard for life
Ready to end Mike and Ed but not in strife
The mom, the child, the life I've paid for
The choices you watched on the side the core

Propaganda says to salute the flag that flies
That brown people are the problem, not lies
Spread by the powers that be that you ate
Thats why I burn the flag in heart of sate.

Freedoms not free, so the price I will pay
To say what I will, while you keep acting gay
Surrender to rapists and watch them expire
Living their best life and winning the wire.

Forgiveness of sinners is easy to do while here
Your name will burn in flames of revolt and fear
As hordes flood in who give two shits about you
But God remembers, He never forgets the child true

Justice will come and will cost you your name
All that remains will be rubble and loot, shame
Empty ruins.

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