Prayer - Prayer of Spiritual Warfare


photo from Pexels by artist Karolina Grabowska

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a prayer by Joshua Brown

Lord Everlasting,

As has been granted to me by your sight, both from time past eternal and from the infinite future, the gift of holy Wisdom, may today I enter the battle of good and evil, with courage and conviction, forged by the wild divinity from communion chosen with Emmanuel.


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Thanks for reading this prayer which was written in Aurora, Colorado during the service at New Testament Christian Church. Read my last prayer "Prayer of True Doorship" which is a meditation on our individual responsibility to act out Divine Will, our own Free Will and the importance of connection with other non-deterministic partners along the way.

My last published poem is entitled "The Epiphanes Letter" and is written in the King James style but is a stinging reproof of the current American church. 

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