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an original poem by Joshua Brown

Scritched an itch I could not reach

By stretching out my hands some more

Prosper felt against the aberration

Of skin's tingly sensational machinations

Come in unto this cool refreshing still

A snapshot of condensation tickling

The wary hairs and slight loosened skin

And join the illuminated rocketshippers

As together we pluck from invisibility

That mild irritant from shadow realm

Where no processing pow'r brings life

But some phantom drip of sweat negs 

And could the loneliness consume you

You would no longer see the artwork

Depicting light that ne'er existed once

But in the neurons of universe of mind

And the happiness of communion 

With patriotic warriors of anarchism

Grill bros and girls of consumption

In mass regalia against optimization

Dew drops melt in warmth told proud

By stories encoded by the photos

No longer verbalized into reality by band

But imagineers of collective constitution

Were the convenience of imagineers

Allowed to proliferate unmolested

By pure degeneracy against the capital

This itch would vanish quick as hell

Consumed by the artificial intelligence

A mockery of phantom proliferation

No more energy lost by entropic decay

Exchanged to dust by sunlight cosmic ray

These fiber optic mains, they filter not

But draw power as real as it is fake

Towards the brain I cannot see but draw

From eternal diagrams etched by imprint

What witchcraft is this to supplant truth?

With imagined simulations simulated real

In your own mind as a terror of politics

To rebuild your experience of itchiness.

Lie not to yourself with tall tales of ghosts

Or else you may verity be paraded nude

Before those with eyes to see the truth

The wisdom of embracing anti-cynicism

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Thanks for reading this poem which was written while I was doing a security watch for 10 hours while sitting in front of a Pepsi vending machine. (on July 6, 2023) It's not profound. Philosophers have been battling these ideas for many centuries, but it is interesting thinking out loud, even if the thoughts are a bit childish. I'm happy to be in America, where we embrace consumer culture, but the internet has a way of introducing a lot of cynicism into my perspectives and flowing in and out of those ideas can be jarring.

Anyways, if you enjoyed this poem, check out my last one as well which was written while I was waiting for an incarcerated patient to finish his MRI scan so I could go back to my TikTok scrolling. It's called "My Exorcism: a Memoir" and is also about mega corporations. Please check it out.

Thanks so much for being a part of this community!