Microdosing Sugar


photo from Pexels by artist Curtis Adams
a poem by Joshua Brown

I woke to a world
Where bitcoin nodes
Are built in every home
And miners in glory
Chug along every
Small nuclear reator.
And in that world
I saw a king
Rising above the men
(Built not born
(By men (not women)))
Holding printed guns
Each leaf of the Word
The Holy Bible
Floated heavenward
Caressed by fire
Set by children
Burning the country
Each microdose
Another ration less
But lighter ruck.
A lightless world
Fed me white
Oozing white bacteria.
The whir of fans
Screeched louder
Hell's deeper plunge
Mile after mile
Falling through
The secret microchip world
The world laughed
At my confusion
And I laughed back
Till the lightning struck
And I laughed:
At another plunging soul
I saw his face
For a moment
How did he fall?
I knew not
But laughed and derided
There was no world
It was simulated
I was sin
An abberative daemon
With riding daemons
In a code, the scripted Word.
And bitcoin broke
Not the kings,
But the gods.
For the world broke
And the black
Screen of death
But I saw a flash
As of a boy
Crouching, chained
To a table
And being struck
Not by lightning
But a gun
(Or was it a sword?)
Over and over and over and over and over...
In the world
In a moment
For all eternity.
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