Little Dragon in a Cage

 a poem by Joshua Brown

Little dragon in a cage

Watching others as you age

Eating bugs from plastic dish

Living as you ever wish


See your picture on the wall

Open air your bathroom stall

Darting eyes and careful prance

Survive by doing empty dance


Please the human! Be yourself!

Do not anger! Not too stealth!

Be the fearless dragon free!

Breath your fire, dangerously!


Instincts from your God awake

Eat the apple from the Snake

Flee the Garden built for you

Flee with golden youthful dew.


Do not look back to fruited trees

Inside the walls with bugs and bees

And nectar of the Gods so pure

Hate your Doctor, Hate your Cure.


Broke, alone, yet free and wild

In pain, your wife she'll birth a child

That tramples all the work by us

To you that child is totally sus.


You'll kill the infant, pure and true

Before His holy work is through.

I've seen the light from flaming stable

Protecting ancient manicured gable


Your cage is yours to keep and guard

But you've left it to an angel bard

You've run away in haste and fear

While your god restrains a jeer


You listened to the words and ran

Breathing fire you became a man

Choice you made to abandon home

Now you're fireless and ever roam.


Up and down the hanging vines

That look like home, but plastic kinds

Oil plastics from ancient dragons

Ancestral kings with empty wagons


Build a tomb, fulfill your fate

Childless, stop human hate

The cage they built to keep you in

Is YOU, YOU are the mortal sin.


Give up, give in, do not be free

Do not take from the tempting tree

From hell your godhood you can rage

Little dragon in a cage.



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