Jumping Centipedes

 a soft sonnet by Joshua Brown

Hear the monsters speak their truth through lies

They are not monsters but for the demons living in

Children see the heads of silent killers stained with sin

Zombies attacking chairs of power to obtain the prize.


Why do you protect the evil, violent parent bloody?

Sulking in the shadows of deep regret and surrender

The innocent watch kings and knights fight with candor

To only die in battle alone and with no offspring steady.


I walked down the road afraid of jumping centipede

My backpack sprung arms and walked away from me

A shot rang out into the midnight dark, grazed my head

The danger grows from each new day I face her greed

There was no desperation, only steady planned decree

Dream of youngest hit by car, limp in paternal arms, dead.



#poem #poetry #sonnet #dream #peacefulparenting #psychology #childhood


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